Sunbeam Award Gala 2021 – Today, Help Us Thank Our Wonderful Bronze Sponsors

Sunbeam Award Gala 2021 – Today, Help Us Thank Our Wonderful Bronze Sponsors

With less than three weeks to go before the Sunbeam Award Gala 2021, we thank our wonderful sponsors for their generous support of the Maine Seacoast Mission’s fundraising event in support of our community.

Today, help us thank our Bronze sponsors. Visit them on the web.

Billings Diesel & Marine
Coastal Kayaking Tours
Eaton Peabody
The Snowman Group

Everyone Loves Bernie and Billy

Everyone Loves Bernie and Billy

Billy and Bernie. (Photo by Jillian.)

ISLE AU HAUT, ME – Thank you to Jillian for this joyful profile of two longstanding Mission friends.

“It is absolutely wonderful to have Bernie and Billy back aboard the Sunbeam. They are Isle au Haut’s matriarch and patriarch of the Barter family, with four generations spending time on the island these days.

“Billy grew up on Isle au Haut. He and Bernie married young and have been sweet on each other ever since. Billy tells great stories. He can barely get out a joke punch line before laughing himself.

“Bernie has always been a fashionista. She loves prints, velvet, colorful jewelry and big boots. She also loves volleyball and town parades.

“Last week, Sunbeam Engineer Storey helped Bernie tune her new pink guitar during our visit to Isle au Haut. Bernie wants to learn to play.

“Billy still lobsters some with his son and has gotten into baking, making fine pies. I ate one of his squash cookies with chocolate chips. Yum.

“I love Bernie and Billy. Everyone does!”

Sunbeam Salon Alive with Guests, Food, Laughter

Sunbeam Salon Alive with Guests, Food, Laughter

NORTHEAST HARBOR, ME — Sunbeam Steward Jillian sent her photo of Sunbeam visitors and crew playing “our favorite boat game, Uno Stacko. Uno Stacko is essentially a marriage of the balance game Jenga and the card game Uno. Playing on a boat adds an extra element of breath holding as towers grow precariously.

“Thanks to Diane Barter for giving us hours of fun. Before moving, years ago, Diane, left her game collection with the Sunbeam when she moved years ago.

“Also, after eating strawberry rhubarb pie, artist Steve Costanza regaled us with card tricks in the Sunbeam salon,” said Jillian.

Learn more about the Sunbeam’s work.

Great Harbor Maritime Museum ‘Sunbeam’ Hooked Rug

Great Harbor Maritime Museum ‘Sunbeam’ Hooked Rug

The Great Harbor Maritime Museum is located on Main Street in Northeast Harbor. The former town fire station has undergone various renovations and changes since its donation to Great Harbor Inc. to build the monument to local maritime that it is today. Throughout the years, the museum has hosted events ranging from model boat regattas to lectures from notable boat builders and other prominent guests.

Title: Hooked Rug with Motorboat

Description: Hooked rug showing a motorboat underway, with flags flying. The boat appears to be the Maine Seacoast Mission Vessel “Sunbeam I” and the rug may have been made as part of the Maine Seacoast Mission’s hooked rug program.

Rug dimensions are 24″x51″, appears to be rebound using green fabric.

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Thank you Thursday for IAH Ferry Capt Mike Moffett

Thank you Thursday for IAH Ferry Capt Mike Moffett

It’s Thank you Thursday. Today’s shout out of Mission love goes to Isle au Haut ferry Captain Mike Moffett.

Sunbeam Captain Mike Johnson explains, “The ferry is a lifeline for any island. The Isle au Haut ferry carries passengers and freight from its home port in Stonington to the public landing in the Isle au Haut thoroughfare.

“One of the captains is Mike Moffett,” continues Capt. Johnson. “Mike is superb at the wheel, and is quick with a smile for those around him. As a fellow user of the landing, the Sunbeam works carefully with the ferry service to coordinate use of the facility. Mike is easy to work with, and we share a mutual respect of both organizations.

“Mike has also been seen aboard the Sunbeam as a fill-in first mate. His skills are equally impressive on our ship where he stands watch and mingles with our friends on the islands with a comfortable familiarity,” said Johnson.

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