Thank you Thursday to the Mission Vaccine Team

Thank you Thursday to the Mission Vaccine Team

It’s Thank you Thursday. Today’s shout out of Mission love goes to the entire Mission Covid Vaccine Team.

Mission President John Zavodny, Island Health Services Director Sharon Daley, Island Outreach Director & Chaplain Douglas Cornman, and Mission Board member, Jill Goldthwait express their thanks during a mini-Sunbeam “thank you” cruise to the many good people who helped make a success the months long vaccination clinics on the several islands.

Maureen Giffin, RN, Peggy Akers, NP, EMTs, boat captains, pharmacists, and to everyone who said, “Yes” – we will do what it takes to get this done – thank you. With your help and knowledge 343 people were vaccinated over a three-month period.

This is what community looks like.

WPost Cites Mission in Telehealth Report

WPost Cites Mission in Telehealth Report

Sharon Daley, director of Maine Seacoast Mission’s Island Health Services, walks toward the Sunbeam, the Maine Seacoast Mission’s service boat, in Northeast Harbor, Maine, in August. (Ellie Markovitch/for The Washington Post)
Patients and doctors who embraced telehealth during the pandemic fear it will become harder to access

By Frances Stead SellersSeptember 10, 2021 at 11:53 p.m. EDT

The most remote island communities have long relied on the nonprofit Maine Seacoast Mission to show up in its 75-foot steel-hulled floating clinic, the Sunbeam V.

The mission’s nurse, Sharon Daley, coordinates with mainland doctors, sometimes consulting with out-of-state specialists like vascular neurologist Anand Viswanathan of Massachusetts General Hospital, who accompanied her on a recent trip to meet patients he usually sees online.

Daley’s experience with everything from unreliable Internet access to physicians’ state-based licensing arrangements is central to a today’s debates in Washington. But day-to-day, her focus is less on policy than on integrating the tools of technology with the traditions of good care — a challenge that all practitioners face as they adapt to telehealth.

Full report

Walgreens Presents – In Our Words

Walgreens Presents – In Our Words

NORTHEAST HARBOR, ME – We invite you to watch this video portrait of the Mission medical team’s Covid vaccination work on remote Maine islands earlier this year. This video is part of a Walgreens public service announcement series depicting Covid-19 responses in different parts of the nation.

This story features Island Health Services Director Sharon Daley, RN – who co-led the Mission’s Covid-19 medical response team, with Douglas Cornman, Island Outreach Director and Chaplain – and supporting nurse, Maureen Griffin.

Boat, snowmobile, camel: Vaccine reaches world’s far corners

Boat, snowmobile, camel: Vaccine reaches world’s far corners
Boat, snowmobile, camel: Vaccine reaches world’s far corners
By DAVID SHARP – April 7, 2021 1:06 am

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — After enduring 40-knot winds and freezing sea spray, jostled health care providers arrived wet and cold on two Maine islands in the North Atlantic late last month to conduct coronavirus vaccinations.

As they came ashore on Little Cranberry Island, population 65, residents danced with excitement.

“It’s a historic day for the island,” said Kaitlyn Miller, who joined a friend in belting out “I’m not giving away my shot!” from the Broadway show Hamilton when the crew arrived.

Full story

Murray – Does Pete Buttigieg Have a Workday Like This?
from Offshore: Does Pete Buttigieg Have a Workday Like This?
by Eva Murray – Tuesday, April 6, 2021 8:53 AM

Last Thursday was also the date scheduled for most winter islanders to get their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The crew from the Maine Seacoast Mission and the public health nurses were scheduled to fly out to administer the vaccine, but with a rainstorm expected on the planned day, that was a no-go. They scrambled to contact the whole list of people and move the event ahead a day. This change required they get to and from Monhegan by boat Wednesday morning, up the peninsula and over to the airport in Owls Head, and to then make the trip to Matinicus by air to vaccinate roughly 30 grateful people in the afternoon — and to get off the island before being stuck here by weather.

Eva Murray lives, works and writes on Matinicus Island. Full story

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