Mission Celebrates First-Generation College Students

Mission Celebrates First-Generation College Students

Davis Scholars Emilee, Ana Rosa, and Rachel on the Wheaton College campus.

NORTHEAST HARBOR, ME — November 8th marks the annual National First-Generation College Celebration to honor students who will be the first members of their families to earn a Bachelor’s Degree. The day falls on the anniversary of the signing of the Higher Education Act of 1965. It is sponsored by two organizations: The Center for First Generation Student Success is a national research and advocacy organization. The Council for Opportunity in Education is a national advocacy organization that expands higher education opportunity for historically under-served students.

For decades, Maine Seacoast Mission has demonstrated support for students transitioning to and through college. Each year, we work with, learn from, and celebrate many Washington County and Eastern Hancock County first-gen students through our Mission Scholarship program and – beginning this year – our Davis Maine Scholarship program.

The Center for First Generation Student Success research on first-gen college students shows that nationally, in their first year of college, while 65 percent of first-gen students engage financial aid services, when it come to accessing other vital support services:

14% access health services
55% access academic advising
30% access additional academic support services such as tutoring
16% access career services

This data underscores the importance of the mentoring we provide, beginning early with EdGE, Journey, and island education initiatives, through college and career initiatives with our high school and college students. Helping students find their voices, advocate for themselves, and access opportunities and resources is vital for their college success and hopeful futures.

Congratulations, Mission first-gen students and families! We see you, believe in you, and are with you this day and all days!

Mission Launching Christmas Program 2021

Mission Launching Christmas Program 2021

The Mission is launching our Christmas Program 2021. We invite you to help us put presents under trees for individuals and families unable to do it alone.

Each year at Christmas time, through the kindness of our donors, the Mission provides holiday gifts to children, families, the elderly, and nursing home residents. Spreading Christmas cheer is one of the Mission’s oldest traditions.

It began more than 100 years ago with gifts wrapped with red string and white paper to island residents and lighthouse keepers. Today our Christmas program includes mainland families and individuals along the Downeast coast in rural Washington County.

Please complete this form to enroll your child or children in the Mission’s Christmas Program. We have limited slots this year for parents to come to the Elves Workshop in person to choose gifts for their children.

If you would like to give a gift, or help the Mission give gifts, you can do so online or through traditional mail.

Items ordered online from the Mission’s new Amazon Christmas List will be shipped directly to the Mission. You can also download a PDF version of our traditional Christmas Wish List for 2021, pick a gift from the Wish List, and mail your gift to the address given.

Thank you. If, after visiting our Christmas Program 2021 page online, you still have questions, please call 207-546-5870.

Healthy Recipes for New Food Pantry Veggies

Healthy Recipes for New Food Pantry Veggies

Roasted celery root chips (left) and jicama fries (right)

CHERRYFIELD, ME — This is a photo of “welcome veggies” from the Mission food pantry. The sender, who asks to remain unidentified, said, “You can be assured these are tasty and healthy. It’s fun to try new veggies.”

What vegetables are we looking at in this photo? How were they prepared for eating?

The chef said the veggie on the “left is roasted celery root chips and on the right are jicama fries.” Jicama is a root vegetable originally from Mexico. As with celery root, jicama is similar to turnip, and often used as a potato substitute.

The veggies pictured were “oven roasted at 425 degrees for 35 minutes or more.” The chef continued, “I prep the veggies by peeling and slicing. Toss into a dry rub mixture of cornstarch, corn meal, dry seasonings – or whatever spices you like. Tajin chili spice is my ‘go to.’

“Place prepped veggies on an olive oiled sheet pan, rotate and stir halfway thru cooking. You are looking for golden edges. The jicama tends to stay firm, yet great for dipping. A welcome change from potato,” said the chef.

Great to know. And thank you for sharing.

Learn more about the Mission food pantry and other food related services and programs.

EdGE Students Engineer Halloween Bone Bridge

EdGE Students Engineer Halloween Bone Bridge

A student’s card for EdGE staff.

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Thank you, Stephanie Moores, for these Halloween prep photos of EdGE students at D.W. Merritt Elementary in Addison, ME painting pumpkins and engineering bone bridges. Perhaps the EdGE student who made the card shown here for EdGE staff captured the essence of how EdGE impacts everyone who takes part in the program.

Thank you Thursday for Pleasant River Garden Club

Thank you Thursday for Pleasant River Garden Club

It’s Thank you Thursday. Today’s shout out of Mission love goes to the Pleasant River Garden Club for their support in Cherryfield of the Downeast Table of Plenty (DETOP), and the Mission food pantry.

When the Garden Club started in 2009, its by-laws included a commitment to support the Mission’s programs. Its more than 50 members live from Machias to Prospect. Their objective is to learn from one another, visit gardens in seasons, invite speakers on agriculture, to better cultivate their own gardens, and to have fun.

Today club members support the Mission by hosting DETOPs and donating their garden produce to our food pantry. Also, Club members Karen and Jim Majewski are regular food pantry volunteers.

At Garden Club hosted DETOPs the Weald Bethel Community Center looks like a garden party. The buffet table is filled with delicious entrees. Dining tables are decorated with bouquets of colorful flowers freshly cut from members’ gardens.

Original member Ora Aselton invites all who are interested in gardening to join the Pleasant River Garden Club. No gardening skills required,

For more information call Carol Darbyshire at 207-546-5004.

This is what community looks like.