Thank you Thursday for Mission Scholar Shelby Young

Thank you Thursday for Mission Scholar Shelby Young

It’s Thank you Thursday. Today’s shout out of Mission love goes to Shelby Young.

Shelby, a Mission scholar who just graduated from Simmons University, has been a mentor to younger kids in our Journey program, and was part of the interview team for the Davis Maine Scholars program.

Christina Griffith, Mission Director of Student Pathways said, “This spring, when seeking a Mission Scholar to join our inaugural Davis Maine Scholarship interview committee, Shelby came immediately to mind. Her kind presence, thoughtful questions, and invaluable insights as a first-generation college student were essential throughout our interview process.

“If her impressive professional paths find her wanting to engage further with our students, we will always welcome her. Humbly, beautifully, Shelby exemplifies strength, spirit and service. We are inspired and grateful,” said Director Christina Griffith.

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Davis Maine Scholarship Online

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Jillian – DETOP Finding Its Groove

Jillian – DETOP Finding Its Groove

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Table of Plenty is once again finding its groove after a 15 month hiatus. Savannah and Corrie hosted this week and made making enchiladas for a crowd look easy. People are enjoying the picnic tables outside in the shade. We are relishing the opportunity to break bread together once again.

Savannah’s daughter Ocean is often a help and made us the love note after the meal at home that night. Makes me smile.

Learn more about DETOP.

Weald Bethel Community Center Gets New Roof

Weald Bethel Community Center Gets New Roof

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Downeast Campus Facilities and Housing Rehabilitation Manager Scott Shaw sends exciting news of one of the Mission’s best loved, most often used, buildings.

“Here are pics of the original Weald Bethel Chapel part of the current Weald Bethel Community Center getting a new roof. The other Community Center sections are new. This new roof assures the structure is sound for many years to come,” writes Scott Shaw.

Learn more about the Weald Bethel Community Center.

Thank you Thursday for IAH Ferry Capt Mike Moffett

Thank you Thursday for IAH Ferry Capt Mike Moffett

It’s Thank you Thursday. Today’s shout out of Mission love goes to Isle au Haut ferry Captain Mike Moffett.

Sunbeam Captain Mike Johnson explains, “The ferry is a lifeline for any island. The Isle au Haut ferry carries passengers and freight from its home port in Stonington to the public landing in the Isle au Haut thoroughfare.

“One of the captains is Mike Moffett,” continues Capt. Johnson. “Mike is superb at the wheel, and is quick with a smile for those around him. As a fellow user of the landing, the Sunbeam works carefully with the ferry service to coordinate use of the facility. Mike is easy to work with, and we share a mutual respect of both organizations.

“Mike has also been seen aboard the Sunbeam as a fill-in first mate. His skills are equally impressive on our ship where he stands watch and mingles with our friends on the islands with a comfortable familiarity,” said Johnson.

This is what community looks like

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Narraguagus HS Students Complete ME Future Farmers Project at Mission Food Pantry

Narraguagus HS Students Complete ME Future Farmers Project at Mission Food Pantry

Narraguagus HS student participants in the FAA homelessness and food insecurity project.

NOTE: Mission Service Program Director Wendy Harrington said of this project: “The students/teachers purchased food at Walmart and brought it to the pantry. They worked with the pantry manager to identify items that were most needed.”

News Provided By
Maine Department of Education
June 18, 2021, 17:03 GMT

Maine FFA Association, representing nearly 400 students grades 7-12 enrolled in courses related to agriculture and natural resources, recently completed a valuable statewide community project addressing issues of homelessness and food insecurity in Maine. Four target areas, associated with nearby FFA chapters, were identified: Bangor (partnering with the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter), Waterville (partnering with the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter), Cherryfield (partnering with Maine Seacoast Mission Food Pantry), and Presque Isle (partnering with the Aroostook County Action Program, the Sister Mary O’Donnell Homeless Shelter, Dahlgren Skidgel Farm of Hope in Caribou, Perham Food Cupboard and Washburn Food Pantry).

The goals of the project included purchasing materials to support the shelters and food pantry, sorting, packaging and distributing materials as well as learning more about the challenges and resources available to address homelessness and food insecurity. Highlights of the educational component of the project included FFA members at Narraguagus High School learning more about the services and volunteer needs of the food pantry in Cherryfield….

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